The Khalili Collections1573

Since 1970 Professor Khalili has assembled, under the auspices of The Khalili Family Trust, eight of the world’s finest and most comprehensive art collections: Islamic art (700–2000); Hajj and the Arts of Pilgrimage (700–2000); Aramaic documents (353–324 bc); Japanese Art of the Meiji period (1868–1912); Japanese Kimono (1700–2000); Swedish Textiles (1700–1900); Spanish Damascene Metalwork (1850–1900) and Enamels of the World (1700–2000). Together, the eight collections comprise some 35,000 works. Each of the eight collections is on its own merit the largest and most comprehensive in the world. The Khalili Collections will be fully represented in a series of 88 books, including exhibition catalogues, of which 70 have already been published.

All, Arms & Armor, Calligraphy, Carpet, Coins & Medals, Documents & Decree, Glass, Gold & Jewellery, Ivory & Bone, Lacquer Art, Manuscript, Map, Metal, Miniature, Paintings, Pottery Ceramic & Chinese, Sculpture, Seals & Stamps, Stone, Textile, Wood
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